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1 x 12 week Diet Friendly food journal
1 x A4 meal planner with magnet tabs on each corner
1 x A4 Weight loss target chart with magnet tabs on each corner

This bundle is perfect for starting your weightloss journey
get back on track again after a slip up
a cheat day that turned into a week or month .......

Please note our Weekly Meal Planner & Visual Weightloss Chart comes with magnets placed on each corner so it will sit on the fridge or magnetic boards

Compatible with
🍓 Slimming World
🍓 Weight Watchers
🍓 Calorie Counting
🍓 & Many More Diet Plans

Each A5 Journal Includes
🍓 Weekly Weigh In
🍓 Weightloss Visual Jar
🍓 Weekly Meal Planner
🍓 Weekly Fresh Start Page
🍓 Daily Food Diary




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Target Bundle - 12 Wk Planner / Meal & Target Chart

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