Gold vinyl wording perfect to personalise your milk bottles making it easy to measure your hea / milk You will receive 2 sets (Same name for both vinyl set)name in vinyl with wording milk and mls ready to addHOW TO APPLY: 

Firstly, ensure your item is clean. Remove the decal from transfer tape - firmly press the sticker so it sticks to the transfer tape, peel off the white backing paper. 
Apply the decal to the item and rub firmly to ensure it is stuck to the item. Once stuck, carefully peel away the transfer tape. If the decal does not lift from the transfer tape, you may need to rub over the decal using something such as a credit card.HAND WASH ONLYDO NOT use a dishwasher this will destroy your bottle as well as the decal due to the heat and extreme soaking in the dishwasher processWait 72 hours after applying your decal before washing  Gently wash/rinse in lukewarm not soak or scrub as this will damage/remove your decal

2 x Sets - Hea/milk - with Name & Measurements - Gold Vinyl Only

Vinyl Colour